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Hilton Head Weather and Climate

Pleasant Year-Round Hilton Head Weather Makes For Easy Living

Warm Inviting Winters
Hilton Head Sunrise

It’s difficult to imagine being able to enjoy the beach in the middle of winter, but with Hilton Head weather winter days can often feel like spring. During the month of December temperatures average at 60 degrees while the low is only 40 degrees. In January, when everyone else in the country is shivering from freezing temperatures, the average temperature on Hilton Head is a pleasant 58 degrees and the average low is 37 degrees. Although the temperatures can get quite low, rarely will you see snow on the ground or have to worry about freezing temperatures that will destroy gardens and tropical plants. That’s why many avid gardeners love this area as many flowers can bloom almost year round, making Hilton Head the perfect place for palm trees and tropical plants. Even though the average high is 58 degrees, there are times during the winter where temperatures rise up into the 70s, making beachgoers get out their umbrellas and towels to hit the beach and enjoy the fine Hilton Head weather. During the holidays, you can still spot many locals wearing flip flops and shorts. In the month of February, the temperatures start to rise a bit, with the average high being 61 and the average low being a brisk 39 degrees.

Pleasant Spring

Hilton Head IslandSpring in the lowcountry brings the sweet smell of blooming flowers and cool breezes to Hilton Head. Colorful flowers are in bloom much earlier on Hilton Head than in other parts of the country. Locals enjoy the warm days on the golf course and cool evenings by relaxing in screened-in porches. Community pools open earlier in the Lowcountry to coincide with the warm temperatures. The average temperature in March is a comfortable 67 degrees and the night time lows are an average 46 degrees. In April, the Island sees a boost in tourism due to the pleasant Hilton Head weather with the average high being 74 degrees and the low at 53 degrees. In the month of May, things start to heat up. It feels more like summer during the day with the average temperature being 80 degrees while the night time is pleasantly cool at an average of 62 degrees. Spring time in Hilton Head gives locals plenty of opportunities to enjoy all the activities the Island has to offer like boating, swimming, tennis, biking and of course world-famous Hilton Head golf.

Summertime and the Living’s Easy
Hilton Head CoastlineSummer brings out the warm sun and makes the days feel like a vacation. The sandy Hilton Head beaches are a daily stop for many locals with the ocean being a refreshing solution to hot temperatures. In June, the average temperature is 85 degrees with a nightly low of 69 degrees. The evenings are comfortable and make the perfect setting for a relaxing dinner outside on the patio or for an evening stroll on the beach. The cool breeze that comes off the coast is soothing and can be felt throughout the Island and helps temper the Hilton Head weather of summer. July is considered the warmest month of the year with the average high being 88 degrees and the average low at 73 degrees. August is also one of the warmest months of the year, but it is also the rainiest. Refreshing rainstorms quickly roll over the Island, sometimes in only a matter of minutes, helping to water plants and flowers just enough so you don’t have to. Since most of the summer rainstorms don’t last long, it allows Hilton Head locals to still enjoy a day of golfing, swimming or tennis. The average high in August is 87 degrees and the average low at 72 degrees.

When most of the leaves are starting to turn colors in other parts of the country, the Lowcountry flowers continue to bloom and the plants are as green as ever. Hilton Head's weather starts to cool off just in time for the kids to head back to school. Oyster season is underway by mid-September, making it the ideal time for oyster roasts. Temperatures become more comfortable making it the perfect time of year for outdoor activities. In September, the high is 83 degrees and the average low is 68 degrees. October the average high is 76 degrees and the average low is 57 degrees. By November, you might be able to pull out a few sweaters to keep you warm a night. For many locals, golfing during Thanksgiving weekend has become yet another Hilton Head golf tradition. The November average high is 68 degrees and the average low is 47 degrees.

Hilton Head Current Weather Conditions and 5-Day Forecast
Current Conditions

Relative Humidity: %
Heat Index: ° F
Wind Chill: ° F
Five Day Forecast
High: 81°
Low: 76°
Thunderstorms Likely
Thunderstorms Likely
High: 82°
Low: 73°
Chance Thunderstorms
Chance Thunderstorms
High: 83°
Low: 73°
Chance Thunderstorms
Chance Thunderstorms
High: 82°
Low: 69°
Slight Chance Thunderstorms
Slight Chance Thunderstorms
High: 82°
Low: 71°
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